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Jana’s Bake Shop is well known for the quality products produced in her kitchen. There is a strong belief in flavour balance and ‘not too sweet’ approach to the small batches made to order. Jana’s butter tarts and quiche are her signature products, along with her fruit pies that create a buzz each time they are enjoyed.

Now at our fourth location, our production kitchen is located at the Merchants’ Mews. Our clientele have remained as consistent as our promise of quality pastries you might expect from a small batch kitchen such as Jana’s Bake Shop.

You can also find our daily offerings at:

Switchboard Café (122 Hereford Avenue) switchboardcafe.ca

Our pies by the slice are offered at:

Moby’s Pub (124A Upper Ganges Road) mobyspub.ca

Salt Spring Inn (132 Lower Ganges Road) saltspringinn.com