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My roots on Salt Spring Island began in 2002.  By 2003 I opened my first bakery at the tiny location in front of Moby’s Pub. Some may have said, “Salt Spring doesn’t need another bakery”, but when you love your craft you still want to ‘go for it’ and show your new community what you have to offer.

My approach to pastries is a quality that most people say is reminiscent of their Grandmother’s work.

In 2019, I had the honour of releasing my second cookbook, The Little Island Bake Shop, through Figure 1 Publishing. It’s a culmination of my best recipes, collected from over 30 years as a pastry chef. If you already have a copy of the book, and any questions come up as you work your way through the recipes, please don’t hesitate to call the shop; I’m happy to help!

You can purchase “The Little Island Bake Shop” at your local bookstore, or at Amazon.ca